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Taking a journey towards happiness.

Why we're here…
We're all on a journey through life, and this site is very small part of mine. Now that you are here, this site is a very small part of your journey as well. That makes me happy.

Ultimately, finding happiness is the reason this site exists. So, perhaps, something you discover here will lead you to a path of greater happiness.

Our encounters…
As we each walk our path, we encounter many things. Sometimes we get to know those things well, sometimes we do not.

Through this site and my newsletter, you can get to know a little about me. More importantly, you can discover new things that make life a bit better, ranging from random things I come across to projects I'm part of that exist to improve all of our lives.

Happiness as the main goal

Behind many of our goals in life is the deeper, overarching goal of finding real, lasting happiness.

Strangely, while being happy often exists as our underlying wish, it is a goal we often neglect to focus on directly, particularly as a larger society.

Finding happiness, helping others find theirs, and making a living doing it is possible for all of us. More so, making happiness our main focus is beneficial for everyone.

A path to happiness

There is a path to happiness for each of us. A road we can travel to find it. Now is the time to get on the path and to start the journey.

We all have the power to change, sculpt and evolve the world we live in. I'm here to do my part in sculpting it for the better. These are a few of the projects and activities I'm part of which are doing that. 


A one-of-a-kind clothing service for men who don't like shopping. We make it possible for guys to get good quality clothes, without the hassle of shopping. Guys no longer need to shop, they tell us what they need and we do the rest.

Codename: BSR

The sun is rising later this year on a project helping us wake up to bigger visions and go beyond the beeps and boops of modern life. We all seek happiness and this project is focused on helping lead us to just that.

Codename: Starfruit

This delicious secret project is just sprouting from the ground and is too young to spot in the wild. Expect some news in 2016.


A bit about Matt Henry

explorer, discoverer, thinker, creator, teacher, believer…

Like many people, I'm to be struck with an innate desire to grow as a person, gain new perspectives, and develop a greater understanding of our universe.

A wonderful side effect of living this way is I'm growing a list of interests, hobbies, and activities far too long to put on a webpage.

With that in mind, here are at least some key things about me:

I travel and explore the world around me, be it physical, digital, spiritual or something else entirely.
I am a photographer, digital artist, an entrepreneur, and every once in a while an electronic musician and dj.
I teach and share what I know — and sometimes even what I’m just learning myself. (Once upon a time, I also taught at a college and university level)
I’m an athlete. While I may not have a single, dedicated sport, I train every day and aim to be the best I can be.
I seek to learn, grow, develop, and be a greater person every day. Seeking and embracing discovery in all areas is a key element of that.
I work hard to be a positive force in the world. Much of my thinking time is spent towards finding ways to do that better.
Among many things, I have a professional background in web design, user experience, and marketing
The world as a whole, and each and everyone one of us individually, has infinite potential.
Join me in finding a path to happiness
Join me on the journey