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Bettering Experiences through UX, Design, Teaching and Mentorship

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The Portfolios

Within the User Experience (UX) Portfolio, you’ll find overviews of selected projects, as well as process descriptions and artifacts including:

  • Strategy Documents
  • UX and Content Audits
  • Competitive and Comparative Analyses
  • Wireframes and User Flows
  • Archetype Personas
  • Use Cases and User Scenarios
  • Prototypes of various fidelities
  • User Feedback spreadsheets

Within the Visual Design Portfolio, you will find a small sampling of work including:

  • Ads, Banners & Social Media Designs
  • Web, Mobile & App Design
  • Styleguides, Branding, and Logo Work
  • Icons & Illustrations
  • Email Design and Implementation
  • Additional Print and Digital Design (Gift Cards, Placemats, Elevator Papers, Flyers)

Within the Teaching & Mentorship Portfolio, you’ll find:

  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Sample Course Materials
  • Samples of Student Work

Professional User Experience Visual Design Teaching Mentorship

About these portfolios:

These portfolios house artifacts from my work in User Experience, Visual Design, and Teaching & Mentorship.

Through them, you can get a glimpse into some of what I’ve done, and the approaches, I take in my various professional efforts.

(To help maintain the privacy of those I’ve worked with, an account is required to view each portfolio. Please contact me for access.)

Enjoy and thank you for visiting.

Seasoned UX and Design Professional:

As a seasoned User Experience Design professional, I help businesses and startups solve business needs by delivering great experiences to people through a systematic, strategy-focused, research-based, and data-informed approach. 

I have worked with — and been a part of — a broad spectrum of organizations from small startups to large international agencies, serving clients such as: 
Alaska Airlines,, T-Mobile USA, Gap Inc, UNLV and more.

Throughout these experiences, my goal is to craft great experiences leading to excellent outcomes.

For a glimpse into my UX process and selected projects:
Explore my UX Portfolio

For a look at my design work on things like banners, ads, and more:
Visit my Visual Design Portfolio

Teacher, Mentor, Guide:

As a teacher, mentor, and guide, I help people and organizations uncover new perspectives, grow, prosper, and find success, in fields such as Visual Media Arts and User Experience Design. 

Earning my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and my Master of Fine Arts in Media Arts — a terminal degree — has given me the education and opportunity to teach at a variety of institutions, from private companies to state universities.

As such, I’ve explored a range of approaches to teaching and mentorship, and have worked closely with people from diverse backgrounds and with unique perspectives, ways of thinking, and learning. 

Improving the experience of others is my goal, and through teaching I can empower others to uncover new perspectives and new opportunities for themselves, and to help them in their efforts to live better experiences.

See my Teaching Portfolio
(update 2022/09 : This section is being rebuilt.)

Through it all:

Regardless of the role, I bring care and dedication with the aim of improving the experiences and growth of others, as well as of myself.

To help maintain the privacy of those I’ve worked with, some details and artifacts have been omitted or redacted out of caution or due to non-disclosure agreements.

Get in touch.

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